I'm Julia. Thanks for stopping by!

Whenever I buy things, it becomes more and more important to me who made them, where, how, with which materials etc. I always check the „About“ page of every online shop I visit and I want to provide you with some details of this shop. So here we go:

As part of the you had me at savasana brand, I make special products that support you during your yoga practice, mediation, or life in general. Personally, I have been practicing yoga for 20 years and it saved my life so many times. I also think essential oils are a great way to support your body and mind to feel better. Plus, they smell really nicely.

Turns out, I have so many ideas for other things I want to make, which are not related to yoga or essential oils. So I created Umamiの, which is my line for clothing, bags, smartphone necklaces, and probably many other things that at some point I will want to make.

I started sewing at 14 years old, and since then produced my own clothes, blankets, pillows, bags, children's clothing and many more. Whenever I pick my materials, I pay attention to the quality and source. I will almost always only use natural fabrics, like 100% cotton or linen. If possible, I will choose organic or specially certified fabrics (like Oeko-Tex 100) or organic fillings. I love pretty things,but I love the earth, too.

For some of my items I use hand-painted canvas, using inspiration from nature, seasons and smells. I use watercolour for painting that is combined with a special fabric medium to make sure the colour won't come off.

I love this work, and am thankful for all the great people who inspire me.